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China - Argentina Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum


    February 4, Chinese wo formula visit su ru の ア Hikaru ze nn chi nn great command ku ri su te ー na attend shi ta Chinese kara CCPIT の Chinese - ア Hikaru ease up nn chi nn Jing Economics Trade Cooperation fu ォ ー ra Rousseau lecture wo hatsu table の subject. そ shi te Chinese と ア Hikaru ze nn chi nn kara Ryogoku の HI-Te ku, EVAL Neko Hikaru beverage giant ー Kuang was, イ nn fu ra, agriculture, food and beverage, logistics, nuclear industry ya aviation NADO の distinction の thousands of people near ku の enterprise の representatives と shi te participate resolved after talks will fu ォ ー ra Rousseau. China CCPIT Vice Chairman Zhang Wei fu ォ ー の ra Rousseau attended shi ni, Greeting.